The Start of Something New

As I finish up my first couple of weeks with Horse&Rider, it’s finally sinking in how lucky I am to be given the opportunity to work for such a well-respected publication. Growing up, I remember looking at different equine magazines, only hoping that one day I could combine my love of horses with my love for photography and writing.

Where it all Began

Being from the suburbs of Chicago most people don’t understand my fascination with horses. But the truth is, I have been around them my entire life. After years of riding whatever horse I could catch in my Grandpa’s pasture, my parents decided it was time for me to have a horse of my own.

By the time I started high school I decided that in order to reach my dream of being a competitive rider, I had to homeschool. While most kids were focused on football games and prom, I was focused on competing at events like the AQHA World Show and Congress. This landed me an athletic scholarship with Oklahoma State University on their NCAA Equestrian team. It was at OSU where I began to realize how much I enjoyed my writing and photography classes. 

Riding and Writing

I never dreamt I would be working for the magazine that used to inspire me to become a better rider. One of the things I love about H&R is their ability to connect with readers and help them with their riding goals. Thanks to a few friends that mentioned this opportunity, I now have the chance to continue writing and photographing the one thing that truly defines me. 

Seeing What You’re Made Of

A long time ago someone told me, “sometimes all that stands between you and the ride of a lifetime is simply getting in the saddle and seeing what you’re made of.” Until recently, I’ve always associated this quote with my riding and showing career, but I finally realized that it was about taking chances in life and going for it. 

So this is me, getting in the saddle and seeing what I am made of. I look forward to the opportunity to continue working and growing within the horse industry! 

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