Summer Slide: My Favorite Outfit

By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

Jackie Pearcey’s show outfit made quite an impression at the Summer Slide. She and Jacks Finest, aka “Adrian,” looked great in the pen.

Yesterday, I spent the day at the Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association’s Summer Slide, and it was a blast. So much so that I’ll be going back this afternoon.

One thing I paid a lot of attention to was the fashion.

There were plenty of neat show outfits and coordinating saddle pads, but there was one that really caught my eye.

Janet Pearcey of Craig, Colorado, wore a bright green shirt/black chaps combination that matched her saddle pad perfectly. It was a cheery outfit, and it just seemed like a perfect color combo for summer.

Not only did the outfit look good, it also came with a cool story.

“I bought my pad through a silent auction last year at the Summer Slide, and I love the colors–the turquoise and the lime green. I thought I could buy a shirt to match it, but then I couldn’t find one to go with those colors,” she says. “So I got a hold of Tim (Bauer) from Equine Oasisand gave him my blanket.

“Tim’s wife, Kathy, makes a lot of custom shirts and puts the sparkles on them. So she tried to find a shirt in those colors, but she couldn’t either. Eventually, she found material that matched, so she had the shirt handmade and put the sparkles on.”

Those sparkles not only add some glitz to the top, they also add in more of the blue/turquoise color. There’s also turquoise trim around the collar. (If you look closely at the photo, you can just make it out.)

It might’ve taken a lot of work to put together, but it really turned out well in the end.

What lengths have you gone to to find the perfect show outfit?

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