Taking Bets: Lost Horse--Or Dumped Horse?

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Guess what showed up this morning, wandering the edge of our driveway and looking for a way to join our horses on the other side of the fence? (Can you tell that we dropped everything, and rushed out to get her captured?)

Here's Ed, about to leave for work, holding a scared, shaking Appaloosa mare that neither of us has ever seen before. I just got done notifying the appropriate authorities--sheriff, animal control, brand inspector--that the horse is here.

Now taking bets on whether she's a lost horse--or a dumped one.

Weren't we just talking about the latter? And do I need my head examined for putting her in the barn, in hope that someone is out looking for her instead of feeling smug for having gotten rid of her?

I guess it's better to have caught her than to leave her out along the state highway that borders our land, where she could collide with someone's vehicle.

But sheesh....not what I need to be dealing with, on this particular deadline day!!!