Taking One for the Team

One of the job requirements at H&R is that we must be ready to jump in and model at a moment’s notice. And so must our horses. 

This morning, it was my turn to face the music with this task. 

Adam, Jen, and I usually roll into our office around 7 a.m., but today our day started earlier — much earlier — at about 5. We needed to have perfect light for a photo shoot we were doing at my barn for an upcoming feature. Jen and I arrived promptly, but unfortunately Adam was made late (way late) by my terrible driving directions.

I woke Casady, my 12-year-old AQHA mare, from a peaceful slumber, scrubbed the dirt from her face and brushed the shavings from her main and tail, and suited her up for her big day before Jen, who moonlights for us as a photographer, arrived. Meanwhile, Naughty pawed at the door and danced, knowing she would be left out. (Just this time, though. I’m sure we’ll need her pretty face sooner or later) 

Without giving away too much, I’ll tell you that this photo shoot also involved a dog, and getting said dog to focus on the camera was not easy, especially because said dog also knew that I was holding her coveted tennis ball. All that seemed to matter to her was my throwing the ball, so looking at the camera was just not an option. 

On top of that, try telling a horse at feeding time that she can’t eat any of the round bale that you’re sitting on, or that she has to stand perfectly still in mouth-high grass. 

Here are some blooper shots from this morning’s shoot. We’re still sorting through the dozens of great shots that Jen took to find the final image we’ll use for the article, but I’m sure you’ll see it when our September issue rolls around!

Rena: Mom, please, please, please can you throw the ball?

Rena: Mom, please, please, please,please throw the ball.

Casady: Mom, it’s 6:15. I’m hungry!

Casady: Mom, making me stand in front of that dry round bale was one thing, but this? I quit. I’m eating whether you like it or not!

Photos by Jennifer Paulson

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