Tell Me About Your Reading Habits

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I'm curious about your reading habits and how they relate to your sources of equine information.

Pre-Internet (if we can even remember such a time), if information didn't come on treeware (paper), we didn't get to read about it. But now that so many of us have access to digital software, there's not much we can't read simply by going on-line. So I'd like to know: Do you still subscribe to horse magazines, or buy them off a newsstand? If so, tell me a little about what you purchase to read, and why. What DON'T you buy to read any more, in terms of magazines? If you feel like explaining why on that point, too, please do.

Seeing as how I'm in the horse-magazine business, it's hard for me to get an unbiased fix on this from my own experience. Basketloads of freebie horse magazines pour into my house every month, and of course, I know what's going into Horse & Rider well before it even goes to press. I don't read any fewer magazines than I did pre-Internet, but I might, if keeping up with the genre weren't part of I do to stay in business.

While you're thinking about your mag-reading habits, I'd also like to know where you practice them. In the living room? In bed? In the bathroom? All the above, plus other?