The Baby Goes Back to the Horse Hospital

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I just got home from taking Tiffany, our weanling, back to the veterinary teaching hospital that she visited the end of October. Her growth-related problem hasn't gotten any better with conservative care, so tomorrow we go to the next step--arthroscopic surgery on her right stifle, to plane off the rough edges of an OCD lesion on the joint.

Today, she gets bloodwork, an EKG, pre-op antibiotics, and her first lesson in being away from home overnight. Tomorrow morning, she goes under general anesthesia--something of a risk in itself where horses are concerned--and has her operation.

Naturally, I wish things hadn't come to this. It was hard to leave her there, and to hear her nicker after me as I walked away. I don't figure on sleeping real well tonight, and I don't see myself having a real productive writing day tomorrow.

But, whaddayagonna do? Can't just leave her to gimp around, and she's made it clear she's in pain from whatever teensy bit of something that's irritating her joint. Might as well bite the bullet, postpone a few other purchases, and see if we can't buy her way back to health and horsey happiness.

Got a spare rabbit's foot sitting around somewhere? Do me a favor: Get it out, and give it a few rubs on Tiffany's behalf. We'll take all the extra good luck we can get.