The Big Fall Shows--On Your Radar?

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This is the time of year when various breeds and equestrian sports have their major championship shows. The calendar's overloaded with such events as the U.S. Arabian Nationals, Morgan World Show, Appaloosa World Show, AQHA World Show, the NRHA (reining) and NCHA (cutting) Futurities, and so forth.

My question: Do you attend any of these shows, either as a competitor or as a spectator? If not, do you follow one or more of them via on-line broadcast--an option nowadays?

Or, do they not matter in your everyday scheme of things?

I'm just curious enough to want to take your pulse on this subject. And one more thing: If you were to win a sweepstakes and got to pick a major event to attend, all expenses paid, would you go to one? Which one?