The Girls Get to Have a Little Horse Fun (or That's the Plan)

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The bad-weather hammer has finally backed off for a bit, so today's a good day to finally have a little girl-time in the barn. That's the plan, anyway.

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MaryJane (shown here), ?who's keeping her horse LB with us for the winter, hasn't been able to get here for a while. Like we do, she has a country place that demands a lot of maintenance during an over-the-top winter. So I'm sure she'll be glad to reconnect with LB. (who, like MaryJane, now wears her hair in a snugged-up braid).

I'll be glad to just go to the barn for some girl-time horse fun. Payback for making sure the arena is still standing!

I believe I've mentioned before that MaryJane is an organic farmer. That's something of an understatement...if you'd like something fun to watch, here's a video of her taken at her farm.