The Horse & Rider Reader Connection (Which I Love!)

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Ever wonder how articles come to end up in a magazine like Horse & Rider? I'm sure lots of people do wonder about that.

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In many instances, article ideas come from our readers themselves, and one of the features in September's issue is a great example. This is the story blurbed on the cover as...


Fun Ideas For You

And Your Horse p. 62

Back in January, we ran a story called "Enjoy Your Horse (On a Budget)." It featured 25 activities that don't cost an arm and a leg to do. What we didn't really notice at the time we prepared the story is that most of the activities involved riding with other people--a fact that was pointed out to us by reader Chelsie Weed of West Virginia. Chelsie boards her horse and rides by herself most of the time.


"An article on fun, cheap things to do with your horse alone would be greatly appreciated," she wrote.

We had to agree, and thus was born September's feature story on just what Chelsie asked for. In the meantime, we printed Chelsie's letter in the magazine's "Mail Call."

Over the weekend, we received the following September-issue feedback from Chelsie herself (that's her in the photo, with her horse).

"Dear H&R,

I want to thank you for the September article, 'Just the Two of You,' written just for me! When I sent in my letter to 'Mail Call,' I was thrilled just to be published. Imagine my surprise when I was mentioned again?in an article, written just for me, and others in my position!
Thank you so much to H&R for the article, and to everyone who sent in their ideas! I love spending time with my horse, Merrill, but sometimes run out of solo ideas. I will be sure to try all of your suggestions out!
Chelsie Weed, West Virginia"

Exactly the kind of letter an editor loves to get, and a bit of proof that at Horse & Rider, reader feedback DOES get seen and acted upon!