The Horses on Your Fridge

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Do you keep horses--photographic and magnetic ones--on the front of your refrigerator? I do, and so do most of the horse people whose homes I've visited. The practice seems so ubiquitous that I'll bet most of us never stop to think about it. But today, which is one of those rainy indoor days, I got the notion to tidy up my Hotpoint Hall of Fame. And when I stood back to look at its two-dimension herd, I started wondering: If we each were to take and publish a picture of those pictures, what would that picture say to others about our horse lives?

My fridge front would tell you that my late, great gelding Ace is still the star of the show. His mortal presence has been gone since September 2004, but his memories presence hasn't diminished one bit. You'd see that we've had a series of fancy gray foals--two fillies and a colt--and that they've grown up out in the pasture in the company of doting old geldings as well as their mother. And you'd see the latest evidence that I'm slogging away at my goal of turning my young, green (ish) gelding into a steady, reliable, do-a-lot-of-things horse.

Hmm. Better go take a good look at what's stuck on your fridge front. Cuz now we'll all be looking, too, the next time we come over.