The H&R Digital Guinea Pig (That's Me)

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Though it is not my official title at Horse&Rider, I could be considered the Staff Digital Guinea Pig.

I started writing this blog because some chiefs at the magazine volunteered me as the person to learn how to do it. The only thing I knew about blogging at the time was what the word "blog" meant. I had never actually read a blog, gone looking for one, or had one pointed out to me before I started fumbling along with Blogger.

And now here we are with that. Blogging is mainstream beyond belief, and it's occurred in about the same time that it takes to breed a mare and raise the foal to riding age. I may have been a reluctant digital Darwinism experiment animal, but in the process of surviving, I've definitely learned a great deal about the whole subject of blogging, and its role in modern media.


Now we've come to the next experiment for the H&R Staff Digital Guinea Pig:

Twitter. Where I made myself open an account for JuliThorson--just to see what happens, and to learn for myself whether it can be a tool with any effect for Horse&Rider.

From a personal standpoint, I'm not looking for any more digital tethers and reasons to not be out riding my horse instead of typing at a keypad. In fact, my April H&R column, "The Thief of Time," is about that exact same subject. I'm not sure that MORE time online every day is positive thing for the human component of the horse world.

But we shall see. I'm probably at the edge of yet another slippery digital slope.