The Merciful Hand

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You often hear "how do you know when it's time?" in relation to putting down a horse.

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Well, today's the day when we knew it was time for Miss Rose. Her initial recovery from her choke episode last Tuesday was short-lived. Despite daily veterinary treatment and the best nursing we could muster, she didn't regain ability to eat and drink, and by this morning was shutting down and in mortal pain.

We now suspect she may have been in the first phases of some kind of internal distress when she choked, and that something beyond the choke itself may have been the issue. But regardless of underlying reason, there comes a time when the need to ease suffering trumps medical second-guessing.?

A merciful hand, therefore, has opened the gate for Miss Rose to canter off up to Horse Heaven. I'm sure the Tankman, who got there back in February, already has her rounded up and in his herd.

I trimmed a lock from her white mane and tail, covered up her until the backhoe driver can get here to bury her in the pasture, and arranged a vase of flowers in her honor.

R.I.P, little Miss Rose. You were loved when you ran out that gate.