The New Job and How It's Going

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I'm about five weeks or so into my new position as Horse&Rider's editor/associate publisher. One issue, July's, is at the printer, and we're now about halfway through production of August's issue.

So how's it going? Well--there isn't ?short answer to that. But as a synopsis....

* I haven't come close to cresting the new-job learning curve yet. Even though I held the job once before, in the 1990s, it's a much different job now--just because it's a much different WORLD now. (How different? Well, for starters, there was no such thing as high-speed Internet and a hundred emails a day.)

* It's not so much a new-old job as it is a new-old lifestyle--one that involves having a magazine and its ever-morphing needs living in your brain, to greater or lesser extent, ALL THE TIME. This is especially true when you do this sort of work from home, ?have far-off colleagues in three time zones, and give out your home email address to some 160K readers every single month. The last time I did the job, this aspect took some getting used to. This time, at least, I knew, going in, that such would be the case.?

* The editor post comes with some time-related casualties, particularly at first, when there's so much to get figured out and so many people looking to you for direction and yes-no answers. The biggest one? Personal horse time. At present, it's basically non-existent. Good thing we have a big lush pasture, because it's handling most of the horse-care duties right about now.

* "Bored" is never an issue...because there's never a dull moment!