The Pony’s Prayer

On this Mother’s Day, I wrote this poem as an ode to the pony who is making my job as a mom a little easier.

I once read something like this somewhere in the depths of the internet, but here I offer my own take on The Pony’s Prayer in honor of Tonto, who we are so blessed to call our own and who makes toddler life easier in our home. Tonto takes some of the stress out of mothering, and for that, I’m forever grateful this Mother’s Day. 

Chelsea Shaffer


Someday, when you’re stepping up on that stage with all its bright lights to get that gold buckle, and all your dreams have come true, think of me, if only for just a passing second.

When nothing—not that broncy 2-year-old your grandpa raised and not those mean girls on your first day of high school—makes you doubt yourself or feel lesser than, think of me.

When you’re walking into that board room, with that confident smirk across your face, think of me.

When you take a deep breath as you grab that scalpel under an operating room’s bright lights for the very first time, think of me.

When you have the strength to walk away from that man or those friends who seek to bring you down, think of me.

When you put on those black robes for the first time, hair tied back, and take the bench looking over your courtroom, think of me.

When you someday lope out through our old pasture and check your cows on next year’s fancy futurity colt, think of me.

When your daughter wants her first pony and you are scared to death, think of me.

My legs are weary and my heart is worn. But I tried to teach you, in our short time, that you have nothing to fear so long as you’re kind and brave. I loved you unconditionally, so please, from time to time, think of me. H&R

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