The Roper Sale

My “loot” from the Roper sale.

By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

Living and working in Colorado definitely has its perks–and I’m not just talking about the beautiful scenery!

Being close to Denver puts me in a great position for events like the Western and English Sales Association January market, National Western Stock Show, and the Roper factory sale.

Every month, I put together the Style page in the “Your Horse, Your Life” department. Really, it’s virtual shopping for work. But today, I got to do some in-person shopping for myself (and work!).

I had the pleasure of attending the Roper sale.

I have to admit, it was overwhelming at first. I walked into the huge warehouse and was met by a large throng of people and clothes everywhere.

But soon, I got into the swing of wandering the aisles and finding just the right items for myself.

I feel as though I made out like a bandit. I found four really cute tops and one pair of sandals–all for a great price. You just can’t beat that.

It was also great to meet some of the Roper staff, as well as see those I met at Denver Market again.

This sale is open to the public, and Roper puts it on two to three times a year. If you’re looking to visit the Mile High City anytime soon, you might consider having your trip coincide with one of these sales.

Be sure to watch their Facebook page for information and future sale dates.

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