The Top-10 List

Like I’ve mentioned in some of my earlier blogs, I am currently horseless. This has led me to search for ways to be around horses.

Until recently, I haven’t had much luck, and I was in a sad state of horse withdrawal. However, I can generally find humor in any situation.

In true David Letterman style (his mother is from my home town, after all), I put together a Top-10 List.

Top 10 Signs You Need More Horsey Time:

10. You start treating your dog as though he were a horse.

9. You find yourself perusing more often than your Facebook.

8. You scan the classifieds looking for “Horse for Sale.”

7. When attending a horse auction, your lack of a bidding number is the only reason you don’t currently own a horse.

6. While driving to and from work, you nearly rear-end someone because you’re scanning each pasture for a glimpse of a horse.

5. You frequently visit your storage shed to look at (and smell) your saddle.

4. When you see horses in a neighboring field, you want to immediately knock on that person’s door and introduce yourself.

3. You start appreciating the Denver Broncos simply because of their logo.

2. You live vicariously through H&R Facebook fans each time they post about their horses.

1. While driving to and from work, you imagine yourself riding along the road rather than driving.

What did you do during your horseless times?

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