The Truth About The Pile (Good Job, Caption Writers!)

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As anticipated, I got a kick out of your inspired suggestions for the latest installment of You Write the Caption.

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You're good. Very, very good!

Now, for the truth about the pile: It was an element in my living room last week, after I took a notion to strip every wall and surface for a deep dusting. (Note the dust on the back of that poor green hat! It had been up on a wall for a LONG time.)

I am calling this part of the "2010 Effect." At H&R, we are in the fourth and final week of producing the January 2010 edition of the magazine. That means I've already moved, mentally, into a new year (new DECADE!), and I really find myself craving a fresh start--in lots of areas, but the living room will do for starters.

Dust was dealt with, display items got freshly rearranged or edited out, and lot of general clutter-busting took place. The effort produced a real sweet "ahhh" feeling, that I have a hard time describing, but that was palpable--and motivating, to repeat. (Look out, dust bunnies, and maybe even life clutter in general.)

I realize I've gotten something of a forced head start in getting into the 2010 mode. But having noticed the psychologic effects of decade-change ever since I was a child, ?I think it's going to be very interesting to see how the 2010 Effect plays out in the culture at large.?