The YouTube Thing

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Do you YouTube yet?

If so, you're probably in on the phenomenon of watching videos of sale horses and other subjects on your computer screen. (I'm partial to rock-concert videos.) Maybe you've uploaded something to YouTube, too. When it comes to selling horses, it's certainly easier to zip out a link to YouTube than to burn individual DVDs and drive them to the post office. Faster, too--so much so that shoppers don't seem to have the patience now to wait a couple days for a DVD or tape to reach them.

Which makes me wonder: How long will it be before we have virtual horse shows on YouTube? Just think: You get your horse ready, have him do his thing for a digital camera, post the result on-line, then sit back and wait for a judge's scores to show up on your screen. No need to buy fuel, no need to leave home, and PayPal will process your entry fees.

Seem farfetched?

Well, so did the idea of having your computer function as on-demand TV. And not that long ago, either.