Those Other H&R Gals--They've Been Busy!

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Have you had a chance lately to visit the On Staff at Horse&Rider blog? It's written by two of our other mag-staffers, Erin Sullivan Haynes and Alana Harrison, and they have been busily out and about and blogging all about it.

Just lately, they've done a photo shoot with world champion trainer Charlie Cole--visited the All American Quarter Horse Congress--attended a Breyer Creations party at the Cowgirl Hall of Fame--and dropped by the Appaloosa World Show in Ft. Worth.

Along the way, Alana modeled for the cover of EquiShopper magazine, and Erin modeled for an upcoming feature in H&R. (Modeling was removed from my resume some time ago, due to the march of years. Luckily, these two still have plenty of pulchritude to use for this purpose.)

Anyway, it's fun to read about the adventures of A&E, so pay 'em a call when you get the chance!