Tip o' the Hat to Professional's Choice

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Here's a little piece of industry news that may not seem to affect you directly, but that nevertheless has implications for us all.

Dal Scott, owner and founder of Professional's Choice Sports Medicine, Inc., has moved a large part of the company's manufacturing back to the US from China, in order to save American jobs and bring quality control back closer to home. He's invested in new computerized equipment that improves productivity enough to make this possible without raising his retail prices and without laying off any workers here at home.

(You may be familiar with some of the products Dal's company makes, including protective legwear, ?saddle pads, cinches, Bob Avila's bit line, and other items.)

I've met Dal on several occasions, and his decision to buck the Made In China trend doesn't surprise me. He's an innovator, an independent thinker, and someone who puts a high value on loyalty and "doing the right thing." His company was one of the first major supporters of therapeutic riding (through sponsorship of NAHRA). He puts his money where his heart is.

Now, if we could just figure out a way to make more company owners like him....you go, Dal!