Today's Topic: The Principle of Contrast

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My idea of a living death (and I guess that's why they call it prison) would be to exist in unending sameness. To have nothing but one beige day after another, with no change to experience or even look forward to...shudder, don't even want to think about it.

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Nope, from my list of the essential mental vitamins, vitamin C, for Contrast, is the one I order in the BIG jar. With the mega-dose tablets.

The big deal about contrast, you see, is that it heightens appreciation while it feeds the senses.

White never seems so fresh as it does after you've been wearing black all winter.

Steady work can seem like play to someone released from the stress of unemployment.

A tiny cabin can feel utterly charming compared to a huge rambling house--and vice versa.

A decrepit but steady old gelding seems like the loveliest horse on earth after 20 minutes spent dealing with a yearling stud colt.

A Saturday a.m. sleep-in is all that much more delicious after a workweek of rising at O-Dark-30.

See what I mean? That vitamin C...gotta have it.

As for the blue trailer:

Some may look at it as a sad comparison with the glorious new ones all around it.

I see it as the close first cousin to the trailer I hauled with when I first began showing on my own, as an adult, without assistance from my parents.

And from that point of view, Ol' Blue is as glorious a set of horse wheels as any that ever rolled.

Because the real contrast is with having nothing, and being forced to stay home from?the party.

Any personal examples of mental vitamin C that you'd care to share?