Top 5 "On Staff" Posts of 2010

If you’ve been following this blog much, you’ve probably come across these five posts this year. It’s been a busy year here on staff at Horse&Rider, so catch these top five posts that sum up what we’ve been up to!

1. Want to Be an H&R Star?
This post introduced you to our Fan of the Month contest, which has started to highlight some of H&R’s readers who use Facebook as a way to communicate with our staff and with other readers. Stay tuned for more on this contest! 

2. Clinton Anderson, On H&R’s Home Turf
Managing Editor Jen Paulson was lucky enough to score some tickets to Clinton Anderson’s Walkabout Tour stop in Denver, and she brought along her camera to capture some of the action. We love Clinton, and it seems most of you do, too!

3. AQHA World Show: Western Pleasure
Jen spent a few days taking in the sights and sounds of Amateur Week at the AQHA World Show, and she shared all of the action with you on this very blog. Capturing the top horses and riders in their best gear, Jen posted this slideshow of the Amateur Western Pleasure Finals here for everyone to see. 

4. The Move That Makes the Horse
Zenyatta, Zenyatta, Zenyatta. We couldn’t get enough of her in 2010 (and 2009 and 2008, too!). Before her final race, I posted this commentary and video on the mare that touched so many. And the video still gives me chills. 

5. Fashions in Pueblo
It seems our readers loved Jen’s photography all year long. This post from July highlights the fashion we saw at an AQHA show in Pueblo, Colorado, and maybe it gave you all some inspiration for your own show-pen style!

Whelp, that’s it for 2010. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2011, but with it being our 50th anniversary, you can bet there will be lots more where all this came from!

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