Up Close and Personal

With ALL of the horses here at WEG, you’d think it’d be a little easier for the average visitor to the park to get a close look at them. Not so. Security in the barns is TIGHT.

But AQHA and NRHA are doing their best to get those on the grounds up close and personal with horses. They’re running regular demos throughout the day featuring AQHA Professional Horsemen, and they even give spectators the chance to ride a Quarter Horse or a reiner (for more skilled riders).

I spoke with Jim Bret Campbell, AQHA Senior Direction of Marketing and Publications (and my former boss when I worked at AQHA!), yesterday, and he said they hope to spark genuine interest in those new to horses by getting all spectators, young and old, as close as possible to the equine stars.

The kids in the above-right image rounded a corner and yelled, “REAL HORSES!!” After lots of scratches and pats, their chaperones had to pry them away to move on to the next site to see.

It looked like at least a few of them had a spark lit in their eyes. Hope their parents are as enthusiastic!

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