You Want Video? You Got It!

Instructional, step-by-step training lies at the heart of Horse&Rider. In the past, we’ve relied on our print magazine to give you solid, safe training advice. But with the rise of video, we’re excited to start bringing you a richer experience to enhance the training tactics you get in print via filmed clips.

As a lifelong magazine-reader, I love being able to “ride my chair” as we say in the office. I can go through each step–hand and leg placement, how much pressure to use, and what comes next–without subjecting my horse to my learning curve. Once I’ve read the steps a few times and tried them out on my trusty chair, I feel more confident about going out to try it with my horse. Sometimes we have success; sometimes I need to go back to the chair and practice a few more times.

Video allows something that still photos and written instruction can enhance: seeing the expert’s finesse and the entire maneuver in motion. If you put it all together, it’s quite an educational package. 

We kick off our adventure into the video world on Friday, with footage shot at Al Dunning‘s Masters’ Clinic last October in Scottsdale, Arizona. I’ve worked with Al quite a bit for the magazine, but seeing him work with students in a clinic really opened my eyes to what makes him unique. He’s kind with his criticism, but direct and quick to offer solutions. 

During our one-day shoot at the clinic, we gathered numerous clips that we’re excited to share with you. We’ll begin with Al’s Five Basics of Horsemanship. For the next five weeks, be sure to check back every Friday to get his tips for honing the most integral aspects of riding. This will arm you with things to work on each weekend when you jump in the saddle. Beyond that, Al discusses other training tips, conformation, and tack (which aligns perfectly with his bimonthly “Tack Talk” department in the magazine). 

Look for more video from Horse&Rider in the future, too, from our personal interviews at events to training tips to horsekeeping hacks. If you have ideas, be sure to share them with us, too! We’re here to help you improve your horse life and grow as a rider, so we’ll do our best to show you what you want to learn more about.

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