Wait a Minute--Didn't This Happen LAST December???

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What is is about these December snowstorms that sends drivers careening through our pasture fence? Had an episode of it last year, right before Christmas, when two cars hurtled off the highway and took part of the fence down with them. Just this morning, it happened again.

Only this time, the driver was my husband, Ed, at the wheel of his beloved diesel dually. The fence was no match for the horsepower behind that baby. Ed made the turn into our driveway, tapped the brakes, and kept right on going as the wheels hit ice buried under a fresh blanket of snow.

Well, at least we know the drill: Juli wrangles the horses so they don't escape, Ed wrangles the tractor to extract the stricken vehicle, and we start in on fence repair in the midst of a snowfall.

"Manure occurs"--or something like that.