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The end of college is near, and the need for some real job experience is a must. That’s what brought me to this more-than-perfect-for-me publication. As a senior at the University of Colorado, I had to make some decisions about what I wanted to do, and the magazine industry had a strong pull for me. That and my love of horses is what landed me here at Horse&Rider as their new intern.

I have been living my life around horses since I was 4. I was the first person in my family to take up an interest in the horse world, so it was the beginning of an adventure for the whole family. When I was 8 my parents surprised me with my first horse, a registered palomino Quarter Horse, A Day in the Brush, or Trigger as he was known around the barn. A year later, I got my Welsh-Cross pony, Hershey, who I would compete on for the next six years. Now this may come as a surprise, but I ride English, not Western. I spent around eight years being a part of the Sleeping Giant Pony Club (a part of the United States Pony Club in Connecticut) and competing in eventing.

This transition into the Western world here at Horse&Rider has been a learning experience so far. Through looking at old issues and reading a few of Bob Avila’s how-to’s, I am beginning to learn about all the Western world has to offer and I love it.

Starting a new internship while still being a full-time student is a new experience for me, so stay tuned to see if I have what it takes to be a part of this team and a part of the Western world!

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