What Are You Hoping for From Santa?

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I got my Christmas present early this year, in the form of Smitty--who arrived in a Sundowner instead of a sleigh--so I don't have much reason to ask Santa for anything else.

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But that doesn't mean I can't live vicariously through YOUR Santa list and the horse-related treasures that might be on it.

So, wanna clue us in on some of your wishes?

When I look back on some of my most treasured Christmas gifts ever, they usually have had something to do with horses.

Like, there was the beautiful diamond and ruby ring that was hidden inside the cap on a bottle of horse shampoo. Fantastic, right? Right!

However, I was so excited about the SHAMPOO--("Wow, a guy I care about actually understands that I would rather have a $15 bottle of horse shampoo than a $100 bottle of perfume!") that the jewelry almost took a back seat.?

(You other women of this persuasion, you know who you are!)

Meanwhile, under the tree, you are dreaming of finding..........??