What Are Your Plans for Summer's Last Weekend?

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With the Labor Day holiday coming right up, how are you planning to spend it? Traveling? Riding at home or with a group? Showing? Doing extra chores and jobs at home? Other?

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Ed and I will be hooking up the horse trailer and heading east from Idaho, to this horse facility?near Billings, Montana. My brother and sister-in-law will be meeting us there, from Fargo, North Dakota, so we can finally take possession of our new Appaloosa colt, Wordsmith (aka Smitty). We hear we also will be meeting some folks from Colorado who are also buying an Appaloosa baby by Smitty's sire, An Awesome Secret.

Nothing I like better than a road trip, especially one with a surprise package at its destination.

We have not yet seen Smitty in person, but here is his latest picture, from last Sunday, taken by my SIL Gail Smith (who's as good at taking a horse photo as she is in getting one all groomed up).

Can a person gain weight from eye candy? If so, I'm in trouble, because I've been gobbling this particular eye candy right up!