What Is This Wild Man Doing?

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You know those wedding vows, "for better or worse?"

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My splendid husband, Edward Sala, may not have had a clear idea of ?WHAT that would involve when we were married by a female preacher whose name we got from the phone book (true story).

Nevertheless, he's always been pretty game for the spousal-support duties that come with being wed to a horse-mag editor, and here is some recent proof.

What he's doing, exactly, is making himself the "ride to" target for trail riders being photographed for future shots in Horse & Rider. We had those riders out in a 1,600-acre section of rolling hills out behind our barn, and without a target, it'd be hard for them to stay at just the right angle for the camera.

The Edman also transported the crew over hill and dale in his Dodge dually, handed out bottles of iced water to the riders and the photographer, AND fired up the barbecue to provide a great meal for everyone once the shoot wrapped.

When H&R hired me, they definitely got a two-for-one.

(Love ya, baby, and thanks!)