What Old Show Horses Have in Common with Road Trips

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When it comes to doing my job, I'm kind of like a lot of older show horses of my acquaintance.

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I know my job. I like my job. ?I'm well suited to it even after all these years. When it's time to do that job, I give it my best on whatever particular day it is. I don't even mind staying in my stall for most of the day, and for most of my days.

But I do have one little quirk:

You gotta turn me out for a few days every now and then, and just leave me to my own devices. Which in my case, often leads to hitting the highway.

Otherwise...well, do you hear that sound of someone kicking the walls? Could be me.

I can't quite get the the cowgirl trailer off our iced-up hilltop at present. But as soon as our private road stops doing its bobsled-run imitation, allowing for ANYTHING to be towed down or up.....I am gone, gone, gone.

Tail up over the back and mane flying!

To where? Well, we'll just have to see.