What Would the Neighbors Say...

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...if one of these got set up in your yard?

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This is my traveling cowgirl's bunkhouse (when she's not trapped behind an 8-foot snowdrift).

She's not real big, just 13 feet long from rear bumper to hitch ball, but she's still not exactly invisible when out of her winter storage space. (Too bad I don't have a picture of all the graphics on her other side. Must add to personal To-Do list....)

Anyway, while passing the time until winter loosen ups, I'm nursin' a notion to hook her up and do a little visitin'.

So let's say you'd be game for for being my personal RV park and equine outfitter.

How far is your zip code from mine of 83871? What would I see between here and there? What kind of horse fun could we have on an overnight/next day stopover?

I'm already having some fun, just daydreaming (again) about the possibilities.

And what WOULD the neighbors think? ( I don't have neighbors within eyeshot, so I'm a little fuzzy on the concept.)