What's In Your Feedroom?

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OK, maybe you don't even have a feedroom...for lots of us, a corner of an aisle or stall serves as our feed-storage area. In any case, I'm just curious to learn what you buy and keep on hand as equine feedstuffs. Here's my list:

* Grass and alfalfa hay (two kinds, not a mix), in small square bales. We buy 20 tons each summer.
* Pelleted beet pulp.
* Oats.
* Purina Strategy, for a boarded horse.
* LMF Development, and Showtime, for my yearling filly and 4-year-old gelding, respectively.
* Strongic C pelleted dewormer.
* HorseGuard supplement.
* TDI-10 supplement.
* SmartPak, individual-dose supplements, for a boarded horse.
* Trace-mineralized salt blocks.

I do happen to have a feedroom, with shelves and lidded bins for storing all these goodies. Interestingly, it was originally built for bulk oats storage, with an exterior opening through which oats were augered in, and a small interior chute from which oats were dispersed into individual feed buckets. Fairly easy to tell that the barn was designed by someone with a dairy-cattle background; it has the equivalent of a cream-separating room, too, where I now store all my horse meds.