What's the One Thing You'd Like to Know About....

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...buying and using horse blankets?

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As a confessed horse-blanket-o-holic, I can attest that there is no such thing as one blanket style for every horse and every need.

The blanket that might work best for a horse being prepped to show isn't the same blanket that's best suited to a horse who lives outdoors all the time. The one that keeps a horse warm and dry when you leave for work in the morning might cook him by the time you get home. The blanket that'll fit my stock-horse types probably isn't going to be the best fit for your Thoroughbred or your warmblood.

Is it too early to be thinking about this subject? Nope--the days are getting shorter and shorter, fall's in the air in some places (mine included), and the longer you wait to get stocked up, the less selection you're going to find.

The September issue of Horse & Rider has some excellent advice on this subject; look for the article "His Blanket, Your Life."

But meanwhile, you can post your blanket Qs here.

(My Q: Whatever possessed me to sell off my baby-sized horse blankets?! Now that we have a weanling coming--next week!--I sure wish I had not done that. This just means I'll be back out in blanket-shopping mode, and if you've ever tried to find the smaller sizes, you know it can be a treasure hunt!)

Photo by H&R's Alana Harrison