Which Group Are You In?

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I just read results of a survey conducted to pinpoint people's reasons for involvement with horses. The research turned up five main psychographic groups. Do any of these sound like the right fit for you? Which one?

1. Intimate emphasis ? the primary reason for horse ownership is to have a personal and emotional relationship with the horse.
2. Social emphasis ? owners in this group favor and depend on the respect and camaraderie of other horse owners. They want to share their enthusiasm with others of like mind. They treasure the sense of belonging.
3. Familial emphasis ? those in this group use horse involvement for family bonding, learning, and recreation. They?ve owned horses for several generations and live predominantly in rural areas. Horses are part of the family identity.
4. Commercial/competitive ? the main emphasis for these owners is on winning and/or financial gain. They may have intimate feelings for certain horses, but as a whole, horses are their ?achievement partners,? or their means to an end.
5. Detached ? this category includes those in the horse-industry service sector who are detached from actual hands-on horse involvement, and who view horses as subject matter around which they earn their 9-to-5 livings. Many breed-association employees fall into this group, as do manufacturers, retailers, product reps, etc.