Whoosh! 2015 Is Done

Happy New Year! What? A little too soon?

You’re probably just putting up your Halloween pumpkins and witches, cursing those holiday decorations that are already pushing their way into store aisles. 

But the H&R staff has long since moved on past celebrating 2015’s year-end holidays. It’s New Year’s Day for us, as we send the December 2015 issue to the printer today.

Looking back at our year’s offerings, we hope you’ve found useful features and departments in each issue. 

We covered how to unwind with your horse in Stress Rx. Four top trainers explained how Tom Dorrance’s influence is Changing the Way We Train. Craig Johnson Busted Six Training Myths to debunk common training misconceptions you might take as gospel. Andrea Fappani told you how to achieve Invisible Cues. We gave you tested tips to Outsmart Anticipation for a safe, obedient horse. And, remember Tales of Terror? How could you forget! It’s especially fitting for this gory time of year.

I won’t spoil any surprises, in case you haven’t kept up with your fall issues of H&R. But know that our mission to bring you the best in training, horse care, and all that is do-it-yourself continues for the rest of 2015, and well into 2016 and beyond. 

So at H&R HQ, we’ll take a few moments to toast what’s passed and what’s to come, and then get to grinding on the January 2016 issue. We hope you’ll take time to enjoy your November issue and eagerly await December—it’s an issue we’ve spent all year curating for a very special project. We can’t wait to hear what you think about it!

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