Wild Horse, Wild Ride

By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

Wild Horse, Wild Ride opens August 24 and is definitely worth a trip to the theater.

Three words: Go. See. It.

I was fortunate enough to get a screening copy of this new award-winning documentary, and I really, really enjoyed it.

“Wild Horse, Wild Ride” shares the stories of nine competitors in the Mustang Heritage Foundation‘s Supreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth.

I’ve seen an Extreme Mustang Makeover event before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But what made the documentary so special was seeing the whole process.

It starts out by sharing each competitor’s first day with his or her horse and progresses all the way through the competition.

To see all the work that goes into the event and the bonds that form between trainer and mustang is truly amazing and emotional?be sure to have some tissues handy.

One of my favorite stories was that of the brothers Nik and Kris Kokal of Greenfield, New Hampshire. They both formed incredibly strong bonds with their mustangs. Kris was even able to ride “Sioux” while the gelding was blindfolded.

Watching Sioux go from a frightened horse that Kris couldn’t even touch to a trusting mount that blindly followed his rider was truly incredible.

I highly recommend grabbing your friends (even non-horse friends) and going to see it. The photography and music of the film are beautifully done, and it feels much more like a feature film than a documentary.

To see a list of showings, visit wildhorsewildride.com, or visit the film’s Facebook page.

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