Work and Play

A rare, horsey find in the Pearl Street Mall.

By Julie Preble, Assistant Editor

There are a lot of really cool aspects of my job: I get to interview and meet some of the top trainers in the industry; manage our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages; help out at our photo shoots; and provide customer service for the readers (if you’ve ever called the number in the magazine, we’ve probably chatted!).

But along with having a really cool job, I also get to work in a really cool place. Being that I’m still relatively new to Colorado (yesterday was my one-year anniversary on the job!), I like to get out and explore.

My mom and one of her friends are in town for a visit, so we did some exploring today over lunch.

We went downtown Boulder to the Pearl Street Mall and had a blast perusing the shops?not to mention enjoying the 70-degree, sunny weather!

While we were looking through the different shops, I found something to share with you. Leave it to me to find probably the only horsey thing on Pearl Street! A store called Boulder Furniture Arts had some really neat, horse-shaped clocks.

At some point, I’ll probably be going back to the store to get one of those clocks. And that got me wondering about you readers. Do you like to decorate your house with horsey items?

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