Working My Way Back to the Barn

After a pregnancy-imposed break from the barn and the horses, I can’t express how excited I am to be working my way back into the mix. The holiday weekend and hot summer weather put me one step closer this weekend.

I’d planned to shoot a few photos for the September issue on Sunday, and that meant the steeds needed baths, clipping, combing, and general beautifying. My mom and I spent the morning prettying-up her mare, Ruthie. The smell of wet horse, the feel of a soapy tail in my hands, and the sight of dirty suds rinsing off her back energized even a sleep-deprived, out-of-shape new momma.

The photo shoot wound up a bust, but ending up covered in wet, dirty horse hair and seeing Ruthie shining in the sun made the work worthwhile. Now that I have a glammed-up companion, we need to work on getting both of us legged-up and ready to ride!

How did you spend your holiday weekend? Hope you got to enjoy a little of it with your horses, too.

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