WOW! Shoeing info much appreciated!

Fellow H&R’ers ~ I just wanted to express my immense appreciation for the scores of responses you guys and gals sent us regarding you farrier expenses. We’ve accumulated some great information. At some point, Erin and I plan to put together some statistics on price variations from around the country. Pretty interesting stuff, really!

I also wanted to personally respond to Fran Jurga’s response. Fran is a nationally-renowned hoof and hoof health-care expert and we’ve used her as an invaluable resource on numerous occasions and plan to do so going forward. She brought up some excellent points that we believe everyone should take into consideration.?

Of course, we don’t believe anyone should sacrifice the quality of their horses’ feet for money’s-sake, but out of curiosity, does anyone feel they’ve been taken advantage of by particular “farrier monopolies,” as one might term them. And, Fran, we definitely pose this question to you, as well! For example, I have an old friend from college, who was paying around $300 for a shod and four regular shoes on her 26-year-old Quarter Horse gelding, with whom she occasionally went trail riding on. The barn she boarded her horse at “dictated” the farrier she used, as it was considered part of “the package.”?

Anyone else heard of this? Or feel they’ve been taken advantage of??

Thanks again guys for the awesome feedback! PLEASE keep it comin’!

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