You Knew This Was Coming, Right?

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The attempt to resist temptation was futile...had to have him!

I'm referring to Smitty, the Appaloosa foal born last week on my brother and sister-in-law's farm?in flood-ravaged North Dakota. Although I've never in my life done something as risky as buying a baby colt, sight unseen, I'm goin' with my gut on this one and snapping him up before someone else does.

Cuz he really does have my name written all over him. At least in a manner of speaking. Family legacy, etc. etc.

I've decided to call him Wordsmith on his papers, and look forward to showing him off in person after he's weaned and able to move out west to Idaho. He'll join a multi-denominational herd with two Quarter Horses, an Arabian and a mustang. (Never let it be said that we don't appreciate good horses of all kinds.)

Accepting congratulations, passing out cigars, signing people up for the future trips to the barn to see the new colt!