You Take the Reins: H&R Social Media

What would you do if we gave you the reins to steer the Horse&Rider pony?

It’s hard to believe, but we’re feverishly planning what to bring to you, Horse&Rider readers, in 2012. In just a few weeks, our 2012 editorial calendar will be set and we’ll begin planning interviews, setting up photo shoots, and gathering information to present for yet another 12-month cycle–the 51st in the magazine’s history!

In that planning, we’ve discussed our social media offerings–Facebook, Twitter, the On Staff and Horse Talk blogs–and how we use these avenues to enrich your magazine experience as well as develop a community between our staff and our readers/fans.

The Horse&Rider Facebook fan base has grown exponentially during the last year. We work hard to produce discussions that improve your horse life, spark new ideas, and tackle tough topics. It’s been a fun and challenging puzzle to assemble, and we’ve learned a lot along the way! We’ve loved watching your videos, seeing photos of your horses, reading your stories, and answering your questions.

So now for our big question: What would you like to see more of in our Facebook/Twitter posts and blog entries? How can we help further develop a thriving online community? If you’re active in other online communities, what do you like that they do? Do you want more training and horsekeeping tips? Industry news? Let us know, and we’ll see how we can make our online offerings meet your needs.

Now’s your chance to wear our editorial cowboy hats and saddle up our desk chairs for a ride!

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