Your Winter Horse Activities

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Up here in northern Idaho, we joke about putting our horses up on blocks for the winter. "Feed 'em and wait for spring" is the strategy followed by many. With a small indoor arena that affords shelter and decent footing, I'm luckier than most owners who keep their horses at home. I can do a lot of ground work, ride a bit, and keep my horses semi-legged up, even if there's too much ice, snow and mud to ride them safely outdoors.

So now I'm curious: What do you do with YOUR horses in the winter? Do you ride outdoors, no matter what? Do you haul out to public indoor arenas just so you can get in the saddle? Do you leave the horses home but go to ropings, team pennings, schooling shows or other gatherings just to hang with horse friends? Do you put a few big round bales out in the pasture, keep the TV turned permanently to the horse programs on RFD-TV, and call it good until spring? Do you browse horse mags, tack catalogs and the on-line sites with horses for sale? Have you gotten past the whole issue by moving to a southern clime, where riding in winter's not a problem? Or do you have some other strategy for getting through the short-day season?

I'd love to hear about your winter horse activities, no matter what they are. How about painting and sending me a word snapshot about them? I can't be the only one who's got time to fill before the grass greens up again!