Sire Spotlight: The Goodbye Lane

From the bright lights of the Thomas & Mack at the NFR, to the futurity pen, the offspring of The Goodbye Lane are setting the barrel racing world on fire. This 2001 brown stallion, standing at 15.1 hands and weighing in at 1,250 pounds, is built as correct as they come. The Jarvis family first saw the beautiful stallion when he was 3, and still on the racetrack. They loved the horse as the entire package, says Marcie Wilson, as she noted that “you couldn’t pick him apart at all.” The family wanted to initially buy The Goodbye Lane as a 3-year-old, geld him, and run barrels on him. But that plan didn’t happen. Instead, bigger things awaited this eye-catching, brown stallion, and the Jarvis family.

With a blistering 101 speed index, The Goodbye Lane caught the eye of the Jarvis family right away. Photo courtesy of the Jarvis family.


As time went on, Wilson’ dad, Mark, found The Goodbye Lane again, this time at 12 years old. After a phone call to his owners inquiring about a breeding contract, the Jarvis family found themselves buying the sire instead, and bringing him home to Jarvis Farms in Spanish Fork, UT. Owned by the Jarvis Family, this Top Ten Leading Barrel Sire has stamped his legacy on the barrel racing world with his tremendous offspring.

A Lineup of Impressive Progeny

Among notable offspring is Force the Goodbye, an unstoppable force of nature piloted by Kassie Mowry to a round 8 win at the 2023 NFR, with a time of 13.30. The duo continues to rack up wins, recently hitting the $1 million dollar mark as a team. But The Goodbye Lane doesn’t just have one offspring in the winner’s circle. He has sired many a champion. Sharin Hall and Hello Stella, a 2017 mare sired by The Goodbye Lane just won Round 1 of the Ruby Buckle West Derby. And Goodbye Lane offspring swept 1st and 2nd place in the average of both the Futurity and the Derby at the Royal Crown.

And that’s not all, folks. Spanish Fork senior Morgan Beckstrom and Slingshot Lane, a Goodbye Lane daughter, just clinched the barrel racing Championship at the Utah High School Rodeo Finals. For the fourth year in a row. Oh, and the $1.1 million that Brandon Cullins won at The American this year? That was aboard MJ Segers Fast Lane, another Goodbye Lane daughter.

A Winning Attitude

This 2001 stallion has the temperament that all stallion owners want. “He’s just really good to be around,” says Wilson. “My little girls go in with him, and pet on him. He’s in-your-pocket, and we have people stop by all the time to see him. He just stands there while they take photos with him.” The Goodbye Lane passes on his temperament to his foals, so much that Wilson notes, “We’ve learned that we don’t mess with his babies as much from a young age. They’re so friendly that they’ll maul you if you let them get too in-your-pocket.”

Along with a good mind, the brown stallion stamps his babies with a short back, big hip, and good shoulder. He typically follows the mare in terms of size, as his offspring are often a variety of heights. Wilson says that what makes The Goodbye Lane so special as a sire, is that he crosses well on any kind of mare. “From Frenchman’s Guy mares, to running bred, to cow horses, his colts will win out of all types of mares. His athleticism is passed on no matter what the cross.”

Leaving His Mark

Standing at Jarvis Farms, The Goodbye Lane continues to set the barrel racing industry on fire, in a big way. At $9.8 million worth of offspring earnings, the sire is about to cross the $10 million-dollar mark. Wilson says that among his temperament, beautiful conformation, and athletic ability, his capacity to produce sons and daughters that are versatile is incredible.

“We have riders from all different backgrounds and abilities riding The Goodbye Lane offspring. From youth to local barrel racers, to NFR pros like Kassie Mowry, to older women that just want to jackpot, these horses are successful in a lot of different hands.” And as his offspring continue to dominate the arena, the only “goodbye” that The Goodbye Lane horses are saying, is to the existing arena records that they continue to smash.

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