6 Helmet Care Tips

Look after your helmet using these guidelines.

Tip #1: If your helmet falls—while you’re wearing it or if you drop it hard—it should be replaced. Even if you don’t see a crack, there can still be internal damage that will affect the integrity of the helmet.

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Tip #2: Don’t hang your helmet by the chin straps. Doing so will stretch out the straps and increase the chances of the helmet being dropped and damaged.

Tip #3: Purchase a helmet bag to store your helmet in. That way you can hang your helmet by the bag straps or store it in a secure spot where it won’t be tossed around. A helmet bag is an extra layer of protection for your helmet—safeguard your investment.

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Tip #4: Keep your helmet out of the elements. Of course, you’ll be riding in all kinds of weather, but don’t store your helmet in extreme temperatures or leave it out when you aren’t wearing it. 

Tip #5: Air out your helmet from sweat to prevent the liner from breaking down. If you choose to wash your liner to rid it of sweat, make sure it’s completely dry before putting it back in your helmet.

Nichole Chirico

Tip #6: Don’t wash your helmet in the dishwasher. This may seem like a quick, easy way to clean your helmet, but it can cause damage. Instead, without submerging the helmet, use lightly soapy water to clean it— no solvents.

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