Have More Fun With Your Horse

In January 2009's Horse & Rider, we gave you over 25 great ideas on how to enjoy your horse on a budget. Here are the resources we promised in that article.
  • Spa Day! Part 1: Mane Makeover (PDF)

    Transform your horse's scruffy locks with this five-part beauty plan.
  • Spa Day! Part 2: Tail Makeover (PDF)

    A well-groomed tail will boost your horse's "pretty" factor. Try these pro-level, tail-beautification tips.
  • How to Throw a Foal Shower

    A foal shower is a great way to celebrate an impending foal--and have fun with your horse pals, equine and human.
  • Bareback's a Blast! (PDF)

    Yep, it's fun, but it'll also boost your balance and fine-tune your cueing. Bareback genius (and reining freestyle champion) Stacy Westfall shows you how.
  • Stretching Exercises for Your Horse

    Use these quick and easy stretches from massage therapist Peter Atkins to increase your horse's under-saddle flexibility.
  • Creative Groundwork for Your Horse

    Incorporate creative obstacles into your groundwork to advance your horse's training, using these tips from master clinician Clinton Anderson.

And for help guarding against the liability of having friends over to ride, check out:

  • Equine Activity Liability Laws

    Some states have laws requiring equine professionals and "equine activity sponsors" to post noticeable warning signs containing special language and/or require special language in written contracts and liability releases. Are you in compliance?
  • Four Strategies for Avoiding Liability

    We all fear liability--and rightly so. It can mean lawsuits, trials, unpredictable jury verdicts and the potential for serious financial damage. But everyone has the ability to take active measures to avoid liability. Here's how.