Grooming Tools and Products: Name Your Faves

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I just love a well-groomed horse, and thus have shelves full of tools and products for that purpose. To illustrate the point, I grabbed just a few items from the grooming-pantry stash.

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What might I find in yours?

I seem to end up with horses that have a lot of white on them, so I'm never without some kind of whitening shampoo ("purple stuff," as some call it, thanks to the bluing added to the shampoo).

For shows and photo shoots, I always have a can of ?spray-on coat sheen. Can't live without a good detangling/conditioning product for manes and tails, and I'll sometimes reach for a little hoof polish, and some white or black grooming chalk as well.

Of course, as I suspect most folks do, I employ numerous items that aren't made specifically for horses. The stubby brush with handle is great for scrubbing hooves and stockings as well as floors. The fat sponge, snatched from the car-wash section, is for squeezing no-tears shampoo onto dirty faces and for rinsing (I'd rather not blast my horse in the face with a hose, thank you...)

The pumice stick? That's what good housekeepers use for cleaning mineral deposits from bathroom fixtures, but I find it also works splendidly for taking off bot eggs stuck to a horse's legs.

A few other faves, not shown:

* A soft rubber curry made of a gel-like substance.

* A rubber grooming mitt with nubs.

* Body and face brushes.

* Disposable razors.

* A fat-toothed tail comb.

* Baby wipes (wishing I held the patent for product wipes in general...)

* Fresh clipper blades!?