Still Lame? Now What?

Does your horse need more than stall rest and ice? This handy reference chart will walk you through the latest high-tech choices for treating lameness.
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Your horse is lame, and you’re anxious to find the best treatment for his injury. If you’re lucky, a thorough clinical exam will lead you through the maze of high-tech diagnostic options—and leave you with an accurate diagnosis of your horse’s lameness.


What’s next? In the July issue of Horse&Rider, I shared some basic strategies for treating lameness in The Lame Horse: Back to Basics. Chances are, basic horse care will be a crucial part of your horse’s recovery plan.

But what if you need to go further down the treatment highway? Your vet may suggest one of the high-tech options available, with names that may send you scrambling for a translation. 

For some basic information about these new fangled treatment options, read on, then consult with your veterinarian about what’s right—or wrong— for your horse.