Ask a Pro: Hoof Care Responsibility

Hey Brad, what’s one fundamental of horsemanship that has stuck with you for a long time?

From the young age of four, Brad Barkemeyer was responsible for painting the hooves and soles of his family’s horses. The “paint” of choice from the generation above came in an old, green gallon can of Hooflex. It was a daily chore that instilled within him the importance of good, solid horse care. To this day, Brad stands behind the horsemanship and responsibility of meticulously taking care of the horses’ hooves. “Using Hooflex is a little nostalgic for me. It’s my go-to whether at home or on the road showing. For me, Hooflex gives my horses the best balance of a clean, polished look, conditioning and support to the hoof wall.” says Barkemeyer.

Hooflex provides deep therapeutic conditioning while maintaining a long-lasting moisture balance and protecting the hoof wall. Its also available in an all-natural form!

The hooves are the foundation for every horse. This can be proven true as many of us know a horse’s weight is 60% on the forehand and 40% on the hind end, distributed equally amongst the four hooves. If something goes awry with one it can cause over-distribution of weight onto the other hooves resulting in lameness — and as many professionals and farriers will tell you, if there is no hoof there is no horse.

Hooflex has been a trusted conditioner of farriers for more than 70 years. It provides a long-lasting moisture barrier that aides in preventing cracked or chipped hooves while also having antifungal properties to prevent infection. To learn more about the full product line, including natural options and hoof packing, click here.

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