Give a Cold-Weather ‘Sponge Bath’

During the winter months, try giving your horse a cold-weather sponge bath to keep him clean.

Problem: You need your haired-up horse to look his best for a group ride, but it’s cold out and you’re short on time.

Try giving your horse a cold-weather sponge bath in the winter to keep your horse clean during the winter months.

Solution: Give him a cold-weather “sponge bath.”

Here’s how: After a brief curry-and-brush session, take a hand towel, soak it in hot water, and wring it out as completely as possible. Then, working quickly while the towel is still steaming, scrub the hair coat, using a vigorous, circular motion. Finally, brush the hair back in its proper direction with a clean, dry brush. Within minutes, your horse’s hair coat will be quite dry, impressively clean-looking, and lying flat. Presto! Instant clean horse.

Or try giving your horse a waterless cold-weather bath.

For more winter grooming tips, click here.

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