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First Aid Extra Tools Chart

Use this chart to add useful tools and gadgets to your equine first aid kit. Excerpted from Horse & Rider's Hands-On Horse Care, by Karen E. N. Hayes, DVM, MS.
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If you're faced with equine emergency, scrambling to find supplies can use up precious time and add to your stress. Take time now to restock your first-aid kit, checking to see if often-used items need to be replaced, or seldom-used items have expired (unless stated otherwise, perishable items should be replaced every three years). Then use this chart to gather some time-saving and helpful tools.

This chart appeared in the February 2008 issue of Horse & Rider and is excerpted from the book Hands-On Horse Care. For great info on tried-and-true remedies for ailments your horse is bound to face soon or later, see "Vets' Best Fixes for 5 Common Maladies" in our March 2010 issue. To order a copy of either of these issues or other back issues, call 877-717-8928.